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New Assassins Creed Setting revealed! (UPDATE 07/05/2020)

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Ubisoft announced today, that the Artist: "BossLogic" will make a livestream where he creates a picture in the new Assassins Creed Setting.

AC fans (me included) speculated about the new setting to be in the viking age (793 - 1066 AD).

This turned out to be TRUE, the title picture of this blog, shows the art of "BossLogic" in the making (finished pic will be updated).


There will be a reveal trailer tomorrow! At 8 AM PDT (17:00 Germany).

The new Assassins Creed Game is indeed called: Valhalla.

Here is "BossLogic"s whole work in a timelapse:

I'm super hyped for the game.


Here is the official reveal Trailer:


There are some "official" Screenshots from Assassins Creed: Valhalla.

UPDATE 4 (07/05/2020):

Ubisoft just released a new Gameplay Trailer.
Here it is:

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